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Full Tiger vs Tom Brady & Phil Mickleson Match Preview With Pro Golfer Max Homa, Big Daddy Trent & Myself

Are sports back or are sports back!?!?! (they aren’t back it’s low key depressing that a charity golf match and a blogger playing a 7 year old video game are the top sporting events of Memorial Day weekend) 

Update - this shit is going to get rained out. Why can’t we have nice things????????

At 3pm we have the match everyone is talking about , The goat & the goat vs the goat & Peyton Manning. Everyone is saying Tiger & Pey Pey are going to win easily which makes absolutely no sense to me. We will break it down with pro golfer Max Homa and Big Daddy Trent who has been playing Call Of Duty for 2 weeks.

Then at 9:30 Big Cat Faces of vs Florida 

then after

big day on the PMT twitch. Tune in now