Ayesha Curry Is Trending On Twitter For One-Upping Khloe Kardashian And Looking Like A Completely Different Person

Wait what the fuck? When did Ayesha Curry start looking like this? I literally blogged this picture in February: 

There was this video of her less than a month ago! 

And now today she looks like this? The hell? Makes sense why she's trending on Twitter though. She literally one-upped Khloe Kardashian in the completely new human game. Shit, Khloe kind of looks like how Ayesha used to here

Although what's really sending Ayesha up the Twitter rankings (was top-5 at the top of the charts when I started this blog. God get us out of quarantine) was people blasting her for a tweet from a few years ago about dressing modestly: 

I'm sorry but I will not stand by quietly and let people blast Ayesha Curry for wearing a bikini. You look like that, show it off. Plus, we're talking a bikini here. It's Memorial Day Weekend! Gotta be smiling! Gotta be dancing! Gotta be shaking that ass! I'll say she's still got the good stuff covered up for Steph. We just got the view of the 'hey look how completely new I look!' Don't hate the game. 

Oh and that tattoo on the inner thigh? That's unexpected. These Curry's are little freaks I'll tell ya that. 

PS: The real winner of the completely different look is our guy Big Ev. Shouts to Big Ev