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Weekend Wake Up: Corey Worthington Will Say Sorry But He Isn't Taking Off His Glasses

Corey Worthington, early Youtube LEGEND due to his performance above telling a news reporters straight to her face he isn't sorry for throwing a party when his parents said no. A cool 500 kids showed up, caused a bunch of damage, got in all sorts of trouble with the police, but threw an absolute banger. It was a real life "Project X", in fact, that movie is literally about this situation. The whole interview was so ridiculous I'm still not sure if it was a little fake. The yellow sunglasses, the ugly hat, the no shirt underneath, the nipple ring, it's typical Australia to let him on air like this. Corey is the definition of IDGAF. Him saying he can't really be blamed for everything that happened is laugh out loud funny too. He's not really that wrong either, he just threw the party, he didn't make all his mates show up. Love the news anchor trying to play mom and force him to say sorry and take his glasses off so he can apologize to his neighbors. Guy just really loved his sunglasses and didn't wanna take them off at all. Love his commitment to the look.