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Dana Carvey Performed "Choppin' Broccoli" With a Full Orchestra On The Tonight Show Last Night


Gosh, do kids nowadays even know who Dana Carvey is? For those who don’t, he’s Garth from Wayne’s World.


Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 9.39.14 AM


Dana Carvey was on SNL for quite a few years and was one of the funniest people to ever be on the show. I’d put him in my top 10 I think, in terms of memorable characters and impressions. He just slayed everything he did. And besides Wayne’s World, he never really took his genius to the big screen. Kinda wonder what could have been with him.

But anyway, Choppin’ Broccoli is a classic- it’s like watching Aerosmith perform Dream On. Few decades later they might not be in their primes, but it’s still a real treat to hear.


PS: Go back and watch Wayne’s World. So fucking funny. It was made quite a while ago and still holds up really strongly.

PS: The SNL cast in 1992. Not bad?

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