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Basketball Is Officially Going To Be Back In Late July!!!

Now this is what I'm talking about! A few days ago we learned that Disney was the leader in the clubhouse as a possible site for the NBA's return, and now today we learned it's essentially a done deal. The interesting thing here is if the league has decided on a singular site, that means Vegas is out. Whatever, I don't care where this happens as long as it gives us basketball back. Mid July, late July, makes no difference to me. Just knowing it will one day be back is all I need and it looks like that's what we have. No season cancellation, no asterisks, some summertime basketball that isn't Summer League, this is all tremendous news.

We still don't have a concrete plan on what that return looks like, whether there is going to be some sort of tournament or a number of regular season games before the playoffs start. Remember, due to TV deals they need to get to 70 games, and I'm of the thought that there's no harm in having a handful of tuneup games before the playoffs begin. It's been 74 days, these guys need a little ramp up period in some fashion. 

Again, all credit for this needs to go to Keith Smith. This was his idea in mid April and it actually happened. Basketball is saved and will be here before we know it. This is just the type of update I needed on MDW. I know these are "exploratory" conversations but you can't find a reason this shouldn't happen at Disney World. Everything is set up, they can lock it all down, it makes too much sense. Next week there's a call to figure out the structure and playoff format and all that bullshit, but this is happening. It's really happening!