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13,000 German Soccer Fans Paid $20 To Have A Cardboard Cutout Of Their Face In The Stands For A Match Today

Couldn't love this move more. Actually, I could. They should have 13,000 sex dolls like FC Seoul and really make it weird. But I'm all in on this idea. 13,000 creepy ass cardboard cutouts to fill the stands? That's genius. It's only 19 euros ($20) so what's the big deal? That's well worth the move of having your face there. This club - Mönchengladbach - is in third place in the Bundesliga. You gotta do whatever it takes for wins at this point of the schedule. 

I've said it before but cutouts/mannequins are fucking creepy. Now you get a bunch of average joes on there who aren't great looking and they become even more terrifying. Now fill an entire arena and you really pick up the weirdness. Everyone knows the key is to create that homefield advantage. That's why they need to also let the cutouts be controlled with the at home app with booing and shit: 

I'm currently watching the Dortmund/Wolfsburg match and Wolfsburg plugged in some crowd noise at certain moments. It doesn't sound as weird as I expected so there's no reason why other clubs wouldn't pull this move with cutouts in the stands. I've said it so many times, just do whatever it takes for a homefield advantage. It matters! Just keep getting wins, whether it's using sex dolls, cutouts, fake sound, whatever. All that matters is 3 points.