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Stephen F. Austin Hoops Gets Hit With Sanctions, Tweets Out Video Reminding Everyone The Win Over Duke Still Counts (Including Roasting Our Viceroy)

So earlier this week Stephen F. Austin got hit with some sanctions including having to take down a couple banners and vacating wins. It's the dumbest penalty in the game, especially since it was essentially a clerical error. 

How is SFA handling the penalty? Correctly you may ask. They are tweeting out that the win over Duke at the buzzer still counts. They are roasting everyone including our Duke viceroy for all the remarks about the game. It's making me miss college hoops even more, but this is how I want every team who gets some bullshit penalty like SFA did to act. 

Man that. game was AWESOME too. The game-winning shot in overtime: 

The fact that Nathan Bain, the guy who hit the game-winning shot, had a GoFundMe to help his hometown which got decimated by Hurricane Dorian blew up after the shot. 

We even had Coach K saying he wasn't feeling great during the game, not that he's an excuse guy though

And now they are perfectly executing social media. You remind everyone all the games you won that still counts, including this one. 

As always - fuck Duke.