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Report: Tom Brady Has to Pay for Extra Police Protection Outside the House He's Renting from Derek Jeter

Joe Bucs Fan - One of the busiest boating weekends of the year in the Tampa Bay area won’t feature many boats and jet skis pulling up to Tom Brady’s waterfront rental on Davis Islands. ...

For at least the past week, the Tampa Police Department Extra Duty department has been paid for patrol services in the waters outside Brady’s home, confirmed with the department today, and that patrol will continue indefinitely.

“Extra duty” represents contracts with private citizens, businesses, and organizations desiring an off-duty police presence. The TPD Extra Duty office schedules more than 200,000 hours annually supporting Tampa citizens and businesses, so having an officer outside Brady’s home is nothing really out of the ordinary.

What a lousy way to go into what is supposed to be one of the best weekends on the calendar. As if life wasn't lifting me up and jamming my hand into the ball return and making me its Munson as it is, now I have to deal with the fact that this crowd gets Tom Brady. I keep trying to turn the page and be #Onto2020. But every time I start to, I get another reminder that this group of sunbaked, rednecked, meth-brained Dreamcatcher hangers are the ones the GOAT chose to play for. And they don't deserve him. 

Hey you Joe Dirts. On the odd chance you haven't heard, he played in New England for 20 years. And do you know how many detail cops he needed outside his residence? Zero cops. Not even this one time when I was by his place, striping 3-woods down the middle of the fairway. 

I used a rangefinder to make sure I was 100 yards away and not in violation of any restraining orders. 

And you know did need police protection in New England in those two decades? Only Lucifer himself. 

It speaks volumes that we knew enough to leave the man alone to break down film of Ed Reed coverages and Rex Ryan 3rd down blitz tendencies and win us titles. You slack jawed yokels have had him two months and he already needs The Thin Blue Line to protect him from your harassment. Christ, you had Jeter there all this time, and I imagine he got none of this treatment. When you've been handed the best there has ever been, you're supposed to act like you've been there. But I guess we have and Tampa Bay hasn't. What an embarrassment.