Taking You Into Memorial Day Weekend With Some Steph Curry Heat Checks

If there is one way to guarantee my click 100% of the time, it's a Steph Curry shooting highlight. I'm clicking that without hesitation so if today that video is some of the best heat check moments from the greatest shooter of all time well you can just have my click. Not a bad way to spend nearly 10 minutes and it reminds you how shitty it was that we only got Steph for like 5 games this season. I understand hating the Warriors because they were a force that beat your favorite team, but there is something special about watching Steph launch bombs that will never get old. It's where we get Cocky Steph, the crowd reactions are always nuts, and it brings my brain back to a time when we all stayed up way past our bedtime to watch GS because you couldn't miss shit like this.

This is going to be a weird MDW for sure given what's going on in the world, just like it was weird to see the Warriors finally stink after years and years of dominance. Bad news is that man in that video is 100% healthy and is adding another all time shooter and a lottery pick next season. Something tells me we'll have a few more of these heat checks in our future.

Have a great long weekend!