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An Ugly Win Is Still a Win: Tennessee Moves to 3–0 After 28–24 Victory vs. UConn (PLUS MORE DUGGS GEAR ON SALE!)

Well, that was a near disaster. But you see the score above, and Tennessee had more points than UConn. That's all that matters. Coach Duggs is 3-0.

It wasn't the best night for QB Caleb Pressley, at least to start. 

But as the game went along, the Heisman Hopeful settled in nicely and continued to get comfortable.

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After that rollercoaster ride, it was the Huskies in front after three quarters of play, 24-21. For the first time in his career, Coach Duggs had a pair of guests on the sidelines with him. One of them decided to take the initiative to make a big time speech in a big time moment.

In the fourth quarter, Pressley came up clutch with the game on the line, and the defense eventually closed it out.

Immediately after the game, Coach Duggs dropped some FILTHY gear after striking a deal with Tennessee's licensing department. I mean, look at all these options:

Duggs Nation and everyone in Knoxville have some extra time to gear up this weekend. Tomorrow is an off day, and then Sunday night? SEC play begins. It's off to The Swamp, where the Florida Gators look to hand Coach Duggs his first loss of the season. Enjoy your weekend and we'll see you then.