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WWF Friday: Sunny Days

I documented some of the brightest talent the WWF had back in the day on previous WWF Fridays, but I admittedly had a blind spot for someone as bright as Sunny since her rise took place after I stopped watching wrestling in the mid-90s but also before I started watching again during the Attitude Era. I swear any and all sun puns in that run-on sentence are merely a coincidence.

However, with Sunny being back in the spotlight now that she's apparently making bank on OnlyFans, it was time to give her the tribute she deserves as a pioneer in the game. While I love the song "Amazing" as well as the classic video with Alicia Silverstone, there is something a little stalkery about this video. However, I guess you can say that about most of the videos in this genre, so lets just sit back, relax, and enjoy some Sunny Days.