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You Ever Seen An SUV Skip Across Water Like A Well-Thrown Stone? No? Here Ya Go!

Feel free to enjoy that video to the fullest because I looked into it and nobody got hurt. Nobody died or even got hurt so it's all good. What we've got there is a good ol' fashioned crazy internet video for everyone to enjoy. However I did not look into it to the point where it was explained as to why that SUV went flying off the road and ended up skipping across someone's backyard pool like a well-thrown stone. I'd prefer to not know if we're being honest. 

You wanna know what movie that video randomly reminded me of? Road Trip.

I fucking love that movie. It holds a special place in my heart because it was the first movie I ever saw that had nudity in it. We got a DVD player for Christmas that year and one of the movies my parents (Santa) bought bought along with it was Road Trip because they had no idea what it was about or what was in it. They had heard Tom Green was in it and my brother was a huge Tom Green fan so they bought it. Well there's a shower scene in the movie that changed 11-year-old Trent's life forever. Not to mention it's just a super funny movie. Ah memories.