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The Swinger's Tiki Palace Was The Peak Of Party Desinations

Thanks to Old Row's video above, I did a bit of research into a hidden gem in Chatanooga, Tennessee.....The Swingers Tiki Place. 

Using the link above you'll find tons of photos of the abandoned Swingers Tiki Palace. 

SOURCE-Located high atop Missionary Ridge overlooking Chattanooga, the Swinger’s Tiki Palace began as a dream home idea of a prominent strip club owner, Billy Hull. Hull owned The Castaways Club and the Lion’s Den which were next door to each other. After two years of planning, architect Ed Ball set out building the most fantastic house in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Anticipation grew as the house took 14 months to complete. Finally, in 1972, close to 10,000 people attended the open house.

The 70s & 80s were peak party years. Just a bunch of people living in the moment thanks to no cell phones and a lot of cocaine. 

Within the Swinger's Tiki Palace was a pool and a roof deck sauna. Not that you would find a lot of time to relax while at the Tiki Palace, but the place seemed like paradise away from civilization. Can you imagine the parties they used to throw there? 

SOURCE-Unfortunately, photographs of the club during its heyday in 1972 appear to be impossible to find.

No photos? That's how you know you got something good on your hands. That's some organized crime shit. No photos allowed. 

Unfortunately, the Tiki Palace didn't have a long life thanks to its founder being arrested in a murder-for-hire scheme. You know what they say…you don't own a place called Swinger's Tiki Palace and 2 strip clubs without having some blood on your hands. 

It is unclear who, if anyone, lived in the property after Billy Hull. Some sources have claimed nobody lived in the property after Billy, yet I find that hard to believe. Some items in the property are far too new to have been from 1972. The TV in the master bedroom, for instance, looks more 2002 than 1972.

The house was listed for sale in 2014 before being vandalized and foreclosed upon in 2015. In 2017, the house was torn down. 

A big missed opportunity in the age of Airbnb. That house could've been the #1 destination for frat/sorority weekends for ages. A pool? Sauna? Outdoor Tiki bar? That has Sigma Pi written all over it.