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UFC YouTube Page Uploads Another Free Conor McGregor Fight - Could They Be Prepping For The Return Of The King?

The UFC uploaded yet another free Conor McGregor fight to their YouTube page this morning - his interim championship win over Chad Mendes at UFC 189 - just a couple days after Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz I became available as well....

....and I don't wanna get anybody too excited, but I think we maay be about to see the trilogy completed on Fight Island.

I'm not the first to bring this theory up, either - the r/MMA subreddit is pretty much full blown running with it in this thread!

This is mostly because UFC's YouTube page will always upload historic fights that competitors in upcoming fights have been in, and I'd say 99.9% of the time, they're famous wins from said fighters' careers. If you look at these two fights, you'll notice that Conor only went .500 in em. 

So why would they put the first Diaz fight up there? Well, because NATE is finally ready to go again himself, and they're gonna go complete the trilogy on Fight Island. That's my guess.

Hell - it'd make sense right now, wouldn't it?! McGregor's in a weirdo limbo where he'll have to wait for Khabib/Gaethje to settle their business before doing anything in the title picture (which could mean a Fall/Winter return), and he'd rather fight in June/July, so that just doesn't work. He needs something to keep him active in the meantime, and finally settling things once and for all with Nate would be a great option in my eyes. That's an easy win to shut all the haters up about that majority decision in the second fight once and for all, and the shit talk in the build would be incredible. I hope we'd get some kinda Zoom press conferences and everything.

Talk about quarantine entertainment! Make it happen Uncle Dana!

P.S. Both of those fights are very worth watching, if you haven't seen them. The Mendes fight is incredibly cinematic in nature, and still sticks out as the most satisfying win of Conor's career to me, because there were just so many questions coming into that one, and then he did it and pulled it off when it looked least likely, and truly "arrived" - and then the Diaz fight is just a fun slugfest that Conor wound up on the losing end of. Oh well. That's the fight game. He won the second, and he'll win the third.