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SEC to Allow In-Person Activities June 8, College Football Is ON!

Oh yeah, baby. Two weeks from Monday, we will have hype videos of SEC football players running hills and lifting weights because we are BACK OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

It was all but a foregone conclusion that the SEC would allow athletes to return sometime in the first couple weeks of June, but this news confirms what many have been assuming for a while: the Southeastern Conference is playing football this fall. I don't know what the rest of the country is doing, but we'll see y'all out there on September 5.

I'm fired up. The MLB, NBA and NHL can keep dragging their feet and decide whether they're going to finish their seasons or not, but there will be SEC football at its regularly scheduled time this autumn. This is what I needed today.

I stopped believing in coincidences a long time ago, and all I know is since Coach Duggs took the Tennessee job, the real-life Vols got another 4-star, top 150 recruit and now the SEC is allowing players back on-campus. In Duggs We Trust.

Now let's play some football.