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Colorado's Governor Has Given The Okay For Rockies Games To Be Played With 10 to 15 Fans In The Stadium

Governor Jared Polis has informed Major League Baseball of his eagerness to have games at Coors Field should the 2020 season get under way, as long as thousands of fans aren't part of the package.

"I did suggest to the commissioner that they maybe have ten or fifteen people they honor and allow free to represent the rest of us at every game"

Looks like the Rockies will be back at full attendance!!! 

Just kidding, Colorado averaged the 6th most fans in the ballpark last year at about 37,000 a game. Unnecessary cheap shot there. But the Marlins, Rays, and Orioles have to be foaming at the mouth after seeing this news. They could be operating back at full revenue if the commissioner takes this governor's opinion on this one.

Only 10-15 fans though? Come on buddy. I'm not one to be like "the catcher, batter, and umpire are all within 6 feet of each other so we should be allowed too", but also you could fit about 10,000 people in a stadium and follow proper protocols. I get he's saying that we should symbolically allow fans, like nurses and military members and bloggers, in the game to show our appreciation of them during this pandemic, but if we're okay with 10 we should be okay with 5,000. Ohio State's athletic director is over here planning on potentially 50,000 fans in the football stadium this Fall...I just think we can do better than this.

Now, and I'm not going to act like this is my idea, but if we're going to do the limit of symbolic fans, I think the MLB, NBA, and whatever else commissioner's should listen to PMT's interview with Mark Cuban. They had what was quite possibly the best idea I've heard during this entire sports drought: everyone gets one super fan. Not 1,000 fans. Not 10 fans. One.

Picture empty arena....Mark Cuban on one sidelines, Spike Lee on the other. During the NBA's single elimination playoffs. Drake obviously represents the Raptors. Jack Nicholson for the Lakers. Watching them would be more entertaining than the game! And I think the same would be the case for putting 2 fans directly behind home plate on the television screen for baseball. Marlins Man vs. Bill Murray. Drew Carey vs. George W Bush. This would probably be more electric than a stadium full of fans. And it would defintelty be better than 10-15 nurses....