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A Former Green Beret Was Arrested Near Boston For Smuggling A Nissan Executive Out Of Japan In A Box

No context needed on that headline, right? ha ha


A former Green Beret and his son were arrested Wednesday in Massachusetts on charges they smuggled Nissan Motor Co. Chairman Carlos Ghosn out of Japan in a box while he awaited trial there on financial misconduct charges.

Michael Taylor, a 59-year-old former Green Beret and private security specialist, and Peter Taylor, 27, are wanted by Japan on charges they helped Ghosn escape the country in December after he was released on bail.

The tale of the daring escape began on Dec. 28, 2019, when Peter Taylor arrived in Japan and met with Ghosn at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo for about an hour, authorities said.

Just before 10 a.m. the next day, Michael Taylor flew into Osaka, Japan, on a chartered Bombardier Global Express jet from Dubai with another man, George-Antoine Zayek, carrying two large black boxes with them.

Next thing you know three men (Taylor, Zayek, Ghosn) go into a hotel room with those large black boxes, but only two men (Taylor, Zayek) & the black boxes come out. Miraculously they get those boxes onto a jet with no one checking them, and soon Ghosn pops up in Lebanon where he announces to Japan, "Look at me, assholes! I'm freeee! Dum-dum, smelly, idiot faces! Hey! Hey Nissan, check this out! (pushes middle finger out of zipper hole in jeans)." Something like that. 

As Nissan would say, the method of escape was certainly "Innovation that excites". 

Anyways, how did they pull this off?? Well it's not Taylor's first rodeo in this type of situation..

The elder Taylor was experienced with sticky situations. Over the years, he has been hired by parents to rescue abducted children, gone undercover for the FBI in a sting on a Massachusetts drug gang and worked as a contractor for the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan. The last assignment had landed him in a Utah jail for 14 months, caught in a federal contract fraud case that upended Taylor’s family and finances before he agreed to plead guilty to two charges.

Between a former Green Beret getting into a bizarre, dangerous coup situation in Venezuela earlier this month while living a fake James-Patterson-Book-Style life to this Green Beret making human smuggling a family biz to pay off debts from other misadventures they're really giving the SEALS a run for their money in the press.

There's much more to the case of Michael Taylor and each detail only gets weirder. To hear it in full check out today's ZeroBlog30 today starting at 34:52 in the pod.