This Is The Face Of A Granny Whose 2 Year Old Granddaughter Drank Her Meth-Tea

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Source - A woman who spiked her tea with methamphetamine and left it in a place that allowed her 2-year-old granddaughter to drink it pleaded guilty Tuesday, July 8, to child endangerment and possession of a controlled substance, Riverside County Superior Court records show. Cynthia Ann Watson, 51, was sentenced to 60 days in custody, including 43 in a Riverside County Sheriff’s Department work-release program, and four years probation. The child endangerment charge was a felony and the possession charge was a misdemeanor. As a condition of her probation, Watson must complete a child-abuse treatment program and stay away from Chloe, Aaron, Jennifer and Roman Quintyn. Watson, of Aloha, Oregon, was visiting her family in Garner Valley, a community near Idyllwild. On June 29, she prepared the tea and added meth to get high, according to a Sheriff’s Department news release. The girl drank the tea when Watson left it unattended. That night, the girl could not sleep and was talking fast, scratching her skin and appeared agitated, the release said. The girl tested positive for meth at a hospital. The girl was released from the hospital and was expected to make a full recovery.

Oops. Don’t you hate when you accidentally let someone drink your meth laced tea? One second they think they’re grabbing a nice relaxing cup of tea, full of antioxidants and maybe a sweet n low, and then the next minute they’re strung out on meth, hoping to get in contact with Tuco Salamanca’s people to get the next shipment. And if we’re being honest, for the granddaughter, that’s the cool grandma you want to keep around. The one that will let you lie and say you were at her house when you were really sneaking out to get a blowie down by the river. Sure, maybe 2 years old is a little young for the granddaughter to be doing meth with her nana. But really, is it? A little meth tea a day to keep the doctor away.