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Sports Illustrated Is Challenging Fans To Recreate Past Iconic Swimsuit Photos And So Far Women Are KILLIN' It

SI knows there's no such thing as too many swimsuit shoots. Unfortunately, there are only a certain number of women who can actually be in their coveted swimsuit edition, so they've decided to give fans the opportunity to make it onto their Instagram page by recreating iconic photoshoots. 

Who the hell would want to duplicate a photo of a supermodel in a bikini and put their picture next to the pros for comparison? A lot of hot, badddd bitches. 

And my personal favorite because this gal's brain works exactly like Kate's and I miss my friend Kate...

Last, but certainly not least, the winner according to SI…

Holy smokes, Lina Shek came to WIN. I guess that's the advantage of being a model, swimsuit designer, and all-around stunning human. Congrats, Lina!