This Video Is a Reminder To Never Valet Your Lamborghini


I buy new cars every so often. Toys as I call them. I’m sure you do too. So when I go out to a nice Olive Garden dinner next time, I’m just gonna park it myself. Would suck to give the keys to some kid who doesn’t even know how to drive a Lambo. It’s not rocket surgery, it’s just a Lambo for christ sakes. Important people like me already have so much to worry about all the time as it is. Who will I MFK tomorrow? Did Taco Bell release a new taco which is pretty much the same as their last taco? And now I can’t even be sure if my Lamborghini will be parked properly before eating some chicken scampi? Life is fucking rough. Can you imagine being in the OG and not being sure if some punk kid was joy riding your car like the guy in Ferris Bueller? Bad enough waiting for them to bring out more breadsticks, now that will be on the back of my mind too.