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Aaron Judge's Girlfriend's DUI Arrest Video Leaks Out And It's Not Great

So Aaron Judge's girlfriend Samantha Bracksieck was arrested on a DUI back in February in Arizona. The arrest video came out because her boyfriend is Aaron Judge and you can't keep that shit quiet with the NY media. TMZ just dropped the video and it's not the greatest with her being hammered. 

First and foremost, she's an absolute idiot for driving drunk and blowing .125 initially and then a .169 and .181 at the police station. Take an Uber. You're not poor, you can afford a simple car service. There's no reason to be driving after that many drinks. I have no sympathy for drunk drivers. Zero. Everyone makes mistakes I get that, but call a car service. 

The part that is going to get blown out of proportion is the name drop. It'll be in every headline but I refuse to put it in mine. I realize my headline sucks I admit that. Jerry has a blog coming and I'm sure dickweed Carrabis is right behind him. 

She constantly asks the cop, "do you know who my boyfriend is?" and it would make you think based on a shitty attention grabbing headline that she's acting like a douchey trust fund kid at the club who won't get in but keeps yelling "do you know who my dad is?" 

That's just NOT what this is at all in my mind. She clearly feels horrible and knows that this is going to get out and create a hassle for 99 back in New York. The cop says that won't happen, but he clearly isn't familiar with the New York media at all. She barely wants to say his name until the cop gets it out of her at the end, not that he was doing anything wrong whatsoever. She's not telling him don't arrest me I'm Aaron Judge's girlfriend, she's just realizing she fucked up and is having a nervous breakdown. Obviously I don't feel bad for because she was driving drunk and that's inexcusable under any circumstance, but the headlines by everyone are going to make it a lot worse before people watch the full video. 

Bottom line: don't drive drunk