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An English Dude Didn't Even Make It Past The Gates And Was Arrested 2 Minutes After Being Released From Prison

[Source] - Sam Walker planned on being picked up in a black Lamborghini to celebrate his release after spending two years behind bars.

But the 36-year-old’s ambition was dashed when five police officers reportedly arrested him at the gates of HMP Durham just as he was released on Monday.

Talk about the Michael Scott 'turntables' gif into real life. Here you are getting ready to hop Into a black Lamborghini after 2 years in jail. That's so long. Actually anything more than a day is really too long in jail, just my two cents though. Now I don't blame old Sam Walker here because he *allegedly* sounds like a real piece of shit. 

"He was arrested on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker, making threats to kill and making threats to damage property which originated from an incident while he was in prison on March 15.

But somehow he's bit of a famous inmate. According to this article (sorry not really up to date on my British inmate roster) he would always sneak in phones and document what was going on via social media. Kind of savvy if you don't mind getting in trouble all the time for sneaking in phones. That's how you build a brand though. 

He even had a British reality TV star come visit him in jail right after she became single. 

But this has gotta be the worst feeling right? You already spent 2 years in jail, you think you're about to get out and you just get busted again. You can see the car you're about to enjoy freedom in only to have cuffs slapped on you instead. That's gotta be 100 times worse than going to jail the first time around. Just feels like they are taunting you, which credit to the British cops here. If that's the case, it's an A+ move for a (allegedly) real piece of shit.