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The New NBA Calendar That Appears To Be Going Into Place Is Going To Be Absolute Mayhem

So this has been floating around by numerous people and it makes sense based on everything we've heard. The teams are going to report to Disney/Vegas or a combo of the two in about a month with games starting July 15. I get all of that, but I'm more interested in the back half of this right now to see what happens with the ripple effect.

Let's start with the NBA Draft because I love the NBA Draft and that has the biggest impact on college hoops. The NCAA has put out a TBD for the date that players need to announce if they are coming back to college. Well, if the Draft is in mid September, you're starting a new semester at college. When do these guys have to declare officially? Let's assume it's early August before classes start, how does that play a role in the draft process. We already know that most teams are just operating on tape, no workouts and Zoom interviews. 

We also know a couple other things. First, Adam Silver wants a full 82-game schedule for the 2020-21 season. No surprise there. But with that Christmas Day start, this will just be a one-time thing because the calendar needs to be in a collective bargaining agreement. That won't happen for a couple of years, so this is a one-off thing for now. How will they condense the season to make the 2021-22 season work? Assuming it'll be a shorter offseason with the season going into July instead of June? 

But before all that happens, remember the Olympics? What if that happens in 2021 now? There were rumblings that this Olympic team was going to be fairly loaded after that stupid ass Team Shamrock ruined the FIBA World Cup. There's gotta be almost a zero percent chance we get that sort of roster if it's already a shortened offseason. 

I couldn't be more interested in this. There is just a complete ripple effect to what's happening and going down to the college hoops ranks. I still don't understand why they don't do the Draft as is, similar to the NFL with the virtual draft. It's only two rounds so it should be even easier. Assume this is going to go in place officially within the next week, we'll see what happens with the fallout going forward.