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RIP To Chicago Bulls Great And Jazz Legendary Coach, Jerry Sloan

Sad news today for the Sloan family. I am sure Reags will have a more in-depth blog about Sloan at some point today, but I just wanted to give Sloan a quick shout out because I feel like most people don't even know that he was a GREAT player for the Bulls in the 60s and 70s. So good that the Bulls retired his number. #4 hangs in the rafters at the UC with Pippen, Jordan, and Bob Love. That's it. Those are the four guys in the history of the organization. I remember being a little kid and my dad would point to his number up there and tell stories about what an ANIMAL he was defensively. Just an absolute sonofabitch on the floor. A guy who LOVED taking charges. If he played for Duke in today's era he would be the most hated man in America and that is a compliment. Jerry Krause said that Sloan was the only person who competed as hard as Michael Jordan on the court. Obviously Sloan didn't have that much talent, but he got the most out of what he had. RIP to one of the greatest Bulls to ever do it.