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Sad News: Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Puts The Kibosh On Outdoor/Patio Dining Opening On May 29th


Some Chicago restaurants owners have expressed disappointment after Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced the city will not be ready for outdoor dining on May 29 as Illinois eases restrictions in Phase 3 of Governor JB Pritzker's reopening plan.

Mayor Lightfoot will hold a press conference Friday afternoon to provide an update to her reopening plan for the city.

Lightfoot said the city is not ready for the next reopening phase and she did not give a specific date on when things will move forward, but it won't be next Friday.

She said the last thing she wants is to move too quickly and be forced to re-impose restrictions.

"There's no vaccine. There's no cure. We're still at risk, COVID is still here. It's still getting people sick, because people are still dying," Lightfoot said.

On Wednesday, Gov. JB Pritzker announced he would allow restaurants to open outdoor dining in the next phase of reopening. He expects the entire state will be ready to move to Phase 3 on May 29.

I don't know much. I don't know if this is good, bad, ugly, or fucked up. I don't know what the proper balance between saving businesses and curbing the virus is. But I will give a few #takes and ask a few #questions:

1. if Chicago is shut down but say.... Oak Park opens, people flood to drink/dine on patios there and then just take a 20 min uber back to the city, then what's the point? To me, there really isn't one. 

2. What happens if bars/restaurants open anyways? I have it under very good authority that some plan to follow Governor Pritzker's guidelines, not Mayor Lightfoot's, and will say fuck it on the 29th anyways. Does Chicago have the authority to say no? Because some people I know are of the opinion that what Governor Pritzker says goes. 

3. Are Mayor Lightfoot and JB Pritzker not working as a team? I feel like there wouldn't have been an announcement from Pritzker only for the mayor of Chicago (ya know, the state's most densely populated city) to put the foot down on it right away. The communication seems off there. I know they're both working their asses off, whether you agree with their policy on this or not, but this reeks of poor communication to me

4. We all want bars back. We all want restaurants back. We all want normal life back. 

5. This was arguably the worst blue balls ever. I felt defeated when I saw the news yesterday.

6. Myself, Smitty and Balls are going to have that much more time to get nice on Call of Duty, and that continues now with a big, fat, meaty dubya in Warzone. Tune in! 

Thank you!