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VIACOM Buys John Kransinki's "SOME GOOD NEWS", Show Will No Longer Feature John Krasinski...Wait What?

Full disclosure, I've never watched "SOME GOOD NEWS" but I'm gonna take a wild guess that the main reason it is successful is that John Krasinki is one of the most well-liked men in America. If he's no longer in front of the camera you no longer have the wildly successful show you just paid a lot of money for now do you?

Imagine Netflix purchasing a "Pardon My Take" show with the caveat Big Cat and PFT will no longer host. They'll just get Clay Travis and a member of Dude Perfect to take over and everything will be fine and dandy. Right? Right?????

When Barstool signed Call Her Daddy it wasn't because of the name. It was because they saw potential in Alex and Sofia and rightfully so as they blew the fuck up. Recently they self sabotaged the whole operation and now we may replace the hosts but I can assure you that wasn't Erika and Dave's initial game plan.  However I can tell you that finding two new hot chicks to talk about sex in an engaging manner will be infinitely easier than finding a replacement for America's golden boy John Krasinski. Fuckin' Viacom. This may come as a surprise but believe it or not you can do a morning show that only focuses on good news without purchasing the rights to "Some Good News". Just call it "Morning Sunshine" or something.