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Francis Ngannou Just Posted The KO Highlight From His Third MMA Fight And It's LOL Funny

I mean - COME ON!

Ol' Muffintop in the Venum shorts from Modell's NEVER stood a chance there, and quite frankly, whoever let him in the ring with Francis Ngannou should be jailed! There's no way he knew who he was signing up to fight! Turns out it's a guy who can take the head off just about any heavyweight in the world, pal!

I guess this early on into a fighter's career, you just don't know how dangerous they'll turn out to be, though, huh?! Somebody's gotta step up and be that third victim. 

Hopefully Jonny Bones signs the contract and shows up to be Ngannou's sixteenth victim sometime soon. I need it. You need it. We all need it.