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Remembering Grit Week 2017

In late May of 2017, the Pardon My Take boys returned for a second Grit Week, officially making it a tradition. Yet again, the trip was going through the Rust Belt in the Midwest to get a pulse on the heartbeat of America. It was time to put our hard hats back on, grab our lunch pails, and hop back in the van.

First Stop: West Virginia

When Grit Week 2017 started Hank had no idea he would be meeting his new best friend, Dana Holgerson. It happened on the first day of the trip.

Such a power move

From hanging with one legend, straight to another, the interview with Bob Huggins, aka "Huggy Bear."

Then it finally happened: Danny Woodhead in Vanny Woodhead. 

Posting this one so our tech guys can delete it.


And then, it was off to Detroit, where we met up with Matthew Stafford's protectors…

Hung out with a solid group of AWL's (love you guys)…

And Hank, well, continued to be Hank…

All in all, Grit Week 2017 included some iconic memories, there are more in-depth and behind the scenes looks below.