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FC Cincinnati Sends A Tweet Introducing Their New Coach - Uses A Picture Of A Guy Who 100% Isn't Their New Coach

How would I sum up Cincinnati sports in one story? This is it. This is peak Cincinnati. I've said it before that I'm not a Cincinnati sports fan except for FC Cincinnati (I didn't grow up here) so it's hilarious living here and watching shit fall apart year after year after year. But this? This is perfection. FC Cincinnati is on its 3rd coach in a year. This time it's Jaap Stam who managed Reading after playing for Manchester United, Milan, Ajax and more.

But needless to say his career at FC Cincinnati has gotten off to a bizarre start considering the team tweeted out a picture of a random person that is 100% not Stam: 

At least they had fun with it and owned up to it: 

That's just A+ social media right there. Own the error before the error owns you. I actually sort of wish they put in a typo or something this time. Just keep it going and see people freak out. Don't love starting the career at FC Cincinnati 1-1-0 though. Would have preferred a 1-0-0 start if I'm being honest.