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Robocop Vs. Terminator - Who Ya Got?

I may be Team Human for life and oppose the rise of the machines with all my heart (unless Jeff Bezos is at the helm because I'm Team Bezos over all). But any result where Robocop had a chance to take down the T-800 would have been an abomination of the fictional genre. While I would usually take no pleasure in watching a man fall to a machine, hearing Ahhhhnold drop the patented "Get Over Here" Scorpion line before blasting 90% of Robocop to the future so an army of Terminators could finish the business was damn near orgasmic. Yet another unfortunate L for the city of Detroit.

I don't know how much longer the sports world is going to be locked down for. But watching some of the greatest hypothetical deathmatches from my childhood played out in gruesome, bloody fashion isn't the worst replacement in the world. Last week when I blogged every Mortal Kombat fatality ever, I learned that some of the baddest baddies in movie history like Predator and The Joker were brought into the Mortal Kombat world. So I'm asking the creators to keep adding characters to the game like its Super Smash Bros. or Celebrity Deathmatch because videos like this are all I have to root for in between my early morning Korean baseball fix and my Saturday jump into the Bundesliga. At least until the good folks at Major League Baseball can figure their shit out once and for all. Gimme John McClane, Rambo, a fucking gremlin. I don't care. Just keep the blood and guts coming until this Upside Down world ends.

P.S. I hate to include this in the blog, but there was a version of that fight that Robocop won, which I think we all can agree is completely unrealistic.