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Coach Cal And Bob Huggins Sharing Stories Of Drinking Together And Talking Shit Should Break Records For The Most Watched Show

I don't want to set unrealistic expectations but this should smash every TV record out there. Might be the easiest job ever for Tracy Wolfson too. All she has to do is say one word and then get out of the way to let Coach Cal and Huggy Bear just let loose. Those two can talk for hours uninterrupted, no doubt about it. Hell, look at this intro when Coach Cal surprises Huggins on the call: 

Immediately going from that to Huggy mocking him for having a beard too is why these guys are the best. They are legit just good friends that happened to coach at a lowkey decent rivalry in Cincinnati/Memphis. All I know is I would do anything to have a glass of wine with Cal and Huggy. There's legit no chance they stop after a bottle each. They just open up nice bottle after nice bottle and exchange stories talking shit to each other. 

It's why Huggy is recruiting Cal to be part of the Dream Team to get Goodell to respond to Dave

Need this to be brought up tonight. I'm not ruling it out from Huggins. Once this gets taken care of, well I need to weasel my way into that bottle of wine with the two.