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A Nine-Part Tom Brady Documentary Is Coming To ESPN

(ESPN) - Tom Brady provides a first-hand account of his most iconic moments and the pivotal events that paved his journey in the new 9-episode series "'Man in the Arena: Tom Brady." Coming to ESPN in 2021.

I figure if we work really hard at bullying online we can get ESPN to move this one up too? Just berate them every day like we did with the MJ doc and we can get this bad boy up to right before football season at the latest. My only gripe is that it's 9 parts when it should be more than MJ's. We need longer documentaries, that's what I've always said.

Also, I do like this from the Deadline report on it "Also in there will be smaller, seemingly insignificant instances that became pivotal events and paved the path of the future Hall of Famer’s journey." I don't even know what those could be, obviously, but the smaller stories are a million times more interesting and fun. I'm describing a documentary right now, aren't I? I'm realizing that as I type. "Hi I'm John and I like the little stories that you didn't even know about but were actually hugely important." Yeah dude, you like documentaries. That's what you're saying in this blog post about a documentary on your favorite athlete of all time. You're just trying to make the blog post longer so it doesn't feel chintzy. We got it.

Whatever. Fuck off. I'm excited!