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There Are Some Times Where I Wonder How Smitty Falls Asleep At Night & This Is One Of Them

This fucking GUY! Did Me, Muj, and Honk get absolutely worked 5-0 yesterday in 3v3 Gunfights last night? We sure did, but the question is who got to sleep feeling proud last night? I think it was the latter team that lost 5-0. Let's be honest here- Do you think Kevin Durant truly feels proud of his 2 NBA rings with the Warriors? Of course he does NOT. And do you think Smitty feels happy with his rings he won last night while sitting behind the array of boxes Gunfight maps have to offer? Of course NOT!

It's simple human behavior. So as you can see in my rant above I hope he enjoys his championship while he can't sleep at night. If I won like that I could never sleep again. Would just have the shivers all night, feel guilty, and have a pit in my stomach all night. But hey, that's the General for ya!