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Dak Prescott Turns Down Highest QB Contract In NFL History, Won't Stop Until He Gets $100 Billion From Jerry

Personally, I love this negotiation tactic by Dak. The Dallas Cowboys come out and offer to make him the highest paid QB in history. Granted, that would only last for a season or so as soon as the next big name quarterback signs his next contract since we do this same thing every year. Someone signs a massive ticket, everybody freaks out about that quarterback being the highest paid in history, then it repeats itself about 365 days later, rinse & repeat. 

But still. Jerry offers up a $175 million bag. The largest bag that old crusty bitch has ever offered up. And keep in mind that this is in Texas where there is no state income tax. A cool $175 million just sitting there waiting for Dak and he says no. He says no! This man right here said no to being the highest paid QB in history. 

It's beautiful. It's glorious. It's music to my ears. And now you have to wonder just where does it end? I mean Dak Prescott has to be addicted to saying no at this point. You don't say no to $175 million without a no-addiction. So what happens if Jerry comes back around with two hundred milly? You gotta figure Dak is jonesing for another fix of "no" at this point so I don't think that gets the job done. 250 might be on the light side, too, depending on how quickly that offer comes in. 400? 500? A billion? 100 billion? 

Dak Prescott is cementing his legacy as the best negotiator the league has ever seen. And like him as a player or not, you've gotta be rooting for the guy here. Any man who can steal as much money straight out of the pockets of Jerry Jones is an American hero. Go Dak Go!