Jackie MacMullan Missed a Call From Gregg Popovich While Taping Around The Horn, Bomani Jones and Tony Reali Perfectly Explain How Old People Leave Voicemails

First, poor Jackie. Trying to track down Pops for a week and then she finally gets a call back from the elusive one and she’s taping Around the Horn. Horrible luck. The one time a writer can’t pick up the phone. She literally has 23 hours and 30 minutes of her day where she’s free, and it’s that half hour he decides to call. Try again in November, I guess.

But more importantly, how about them pegging old people and how they leave voicemails. It’s perfect. Old people love leaving voicemails. It’s like their favorite thing to do. Eat breakfast way too early, name every food in the house and insist you eat no matter if you’re hungry or not, and leave voicemails. That’s the old person trifecta. And as Bomani said, they have to always says what time they called, who it is, and what activities they are currently partaking in. It’s like something every old person has engrained in their head.

PS: Old people who text also love sending thesis statement sized texts, but calling for no reason. They have it so flipped. They’ll text something important like “your dog died” but will call and leave a message for something completely inconsequential “a letter from the bank came but it was junk mail so I threw it away”.