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I'd Like To Thank The Internet For Blessing Us With This Never Before Seen Marcus Smart Video

When you wake up, you never know what the internet is going to give you. Some days are better than others and while often times the internet is filled with trash, there are days like today. For example, if not for @kennybor24 I would have no idea this video exists. 

How is it possible someone could sit on this video for so long? That's some will power I didn't know existed. Especially with what Marcus Smart ultimately turned into. I'll admit, he struggled a little bit when Luda started rapping really fast but I'm willing to overlook that given how he ended. 2009 was a weird time but it's clear from that video that Marcus was destined to become a star. I swear, time after time Marcus keeps blessing the internet with tremendous content. Whether it's his elite dance skills 

his rapping ability

or what he does on the actual court

there's a reason he basically has a cult following in Boston and why myself and many other Celtics fans would gladly die for this man. If he's able to spend his entire career in Boston he's for sure going to go down as a legend, and if by some chance he ever is part of a title team, he's going to get his number retired. Mark my words. He embraces this team and this city like few players have. I don't think it's a stretch to say that if Ainge ever traded him there would be a legit riot in the streets. Brad loves and trusts him. Every game is a rollercoaster where one minute he makes you want to claw your eyes out only to make up for it on the very next possession with something awesome. 

I just had to make sure every one of us knew that video from back in the day existed. The next step here is the Celts media staff has to find a way to share this with all his teammates and get their reactions. I have a feeling the two Jays would roast the shit out of him. I don't want it, I need it.