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I'm Such A Car Guy That I Might End Up Having Some Sex Today

This morning my wife needed to take a trip to do a little errand. Wouldnt you know it that she got an alert about her car battery having a shorted cell. I guess one of the mitochondria in the factory battery went bad. It's common. Those powerhouses of the cell can only last for so long. As a new car guy, I knew exactly what to do at that moment. I googled what a "shorted cell" was and found out that it meant that the battery is going bad. Incredible. 

I continued on my search and found out that you can take a battery to basically any auto parts store, get them to test it, get a new battery and with a few turns of my new ratching wrenches and deep sockets, we would be back on the road listening to the Yak with Rone and Big Cat in no time. 

Now, that might not sound like a ton but one month ago, I would have just called and made an appointment with our mechanic. Today, I'll just replace the battery for the low cost of 159 dollars and that'll be that. Tonight.... some sex? Who knows. If I was a betting man, I'd say yes but I'm not a betting man because gambling is a sin. I dont judge those who do gamble because judging... you guessed it... that's a sin. 

Update: Just got a follow-up text when I said I was writing this blog. There will be NO SEX. I repeat.... NO SEX. You could imagine what itd be like if there was though.