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Trying and Failing My Way To The...Well Not Nearly The Top But I’m Here

Hello, it is me Bailey, back again for my daily Token CEO, the #1 business podcast (suck on that Dave Ramsey we're coming for that ass) in the world, related blog. 

Usually, when you start at a new job your boss will walk you around, introduce you to people and give you a heads up on certain things. With all of us scattered across the country and working for home, I’m getting my introductory Barstool education through this show, the blog and social media. Today we’re doing a learned lesson amid a bizarre chain of events.

I promise every blog I write for this site isn’t going to be me bootlicking the hell out of everyone around me here, but I’m going to start by doing just a bit of that with KFC. A few conversations him and Erika had really jumped out to me, since there were a ton of parallels to both mine and I’m sure many of your lives.

Erika called Kevin Barstool’s “middle child” and they went on to talk about how he has tried a ton of things here and failed, but found his way while doing so. They also talked about putting your head down and grinding to do something you believe in even if you aren’t seeing immediate results.

While I believe both Erika and Kevin when they talk about the times they have fallen short, they are both ridiculously successful individuals now, so I figured I'd give you an example of someone who has tasted just a bit of success and is definitely still figuring it out.

In 2018 I was teaching English, broke, depressed and looking for something, anything to do that could maybe make me some money, so I taught myself how to vector images on photoshop. Basically taking a picture and tracing it to become a drawing. For months I put out dozens of different designs and got almost no engagement or interaction, but I was having fun doing something different so I kept at it.

Kevin had followed me on Twitter a few months earlier after he requested a GIF from a Jets game and I sent it to him. I had DM’d him a few times to no avail, but him and Feits had been talking a ton about Always Sunny on KFC Radio so I made a design and DM’d it to him. He hit me back a few hours and offered to buy it. I couldn’t believe it. The shirt ended up on the store and that was a moment where I really thought “wow maybe I can do something like this professionally.” My name wasn’t attached to it, no one knew it was me, but I did and that was a hell of a feeling seeing something I made on this website and I knew I wanted to keep chasing that.

I try to be a guy who gives advice and help “young” people, which I know is kind of a stupid thing to say because I am only 25, break into the field and work in media. To be honest, most of the people who have reached out over the years have been older than me and desperate to get out of the 9-5 grind anyway. I mean it is a dream job, who wouldn’t want to do this? The powers at be here have put me in a pretty awesome situation where I can do a bit of that on occasion through these blogs. Sometimes I feel like this whole journey I have gone on is luck, and some of it definitely is, but Kevin and Erika's conversation was a reminder back to that time when I was busting my ass for absolutely no results.

Kevin and Erika both put it best. There is no magic solution or specific path or journey to whatever your dream job may be. If you look at the background of most successful people, you’ll find they have taken circuitous routes filled with both failures, successes and a shit ton of attempts. The only difference between them and others is they didn't let the times they fell short stop them from doing it again.

If you take one thing away from this blog, or today’s episode, let it be to give that thing you’ve been itching to try a shot or pitch that new idea you’ve been nervous to at work. Shoot your shot. It worked for me, it has worked for KFC and it might just work for you too. Don’t be afraid to be the middle child.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

Listen to today's episode with KFC here: