Wake Up With the Best of Plankton

Nickelodeon just announced that they’re making a prequel series to “Spongebob Squarepants.” Something about all the characters as kids going to camp together or some such thing, and the only spin-off the show has ever had. I raised two kids on “Spongebob,” and consider myself lucky I won’t be subjected to this shameless money grab. And lucky we had something as clever and genuinely funny as the original series to enjoy together all those years.

And nobody in the Bikini Bottomverse won me over like Plankton did. Not only is he perhaps the most underrated villain on TV, he might be an all time Top 10 bad guy. No spin-off series or “Spngebob Babies” prequel could ever capture his subversive genius. And I pity the young parents who’ll end up raising kids on some watered down ripoff version.