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The NBA's Plan To Restart The League By Having Every Team Play 70 Games And Then Go To The Playoffs Is Dumb As Hell

Alright so we know now that the NBA is getting closer and closer to having teams play in Orlando and finish up the season. It's not a bad idea. I like that we get the idea of a massive AAU Tournament at the World Wide Sports complex like the old days while everyone lives in the same area. I also just love that we're getting hoops again. The plan is restart in July, with June 1 being the date that they'll lay more and more out. 

That said, if this is true, I hate it. The latest rumor is that the NBA is going to do a 70 game season and then the playoffs. 70 games is key because that's what the regional sports network needs teams to hit so teams get paid full, or at least a majority of money from those deals. I get it. But this is strictly from my standpoint as a fan and taking out why the owners are supporting this. 

Why? Every team right now has played between 63-65 games with the Hawks and Mavs playing 67. Get everyone to 67. That's plenty of games to determine the playoffs and lottery teams. Don't love the idea of giving teams 5-7 games and then getting into the playoffs. That's just dragging the season on longer than we need. 

We're already in weird times, so I'd like to see them give us weird settings. Design the lottery to be a tournament setting. Have some sort of weighted system based on current record + where you finish in the losers tournament for more ping pong balls. Have what was discussed before and have the 8v9 and 7v10 play each other for the last two seeds in each conference. Then shorten the playoffs. Best of 3 in the first round. Best of 5 in the second. Best of 7 for conference finals and NBA finals. Bang, you just got everyone interested.

The key is give us a true tournament feel. It's been tossed too many times and with losing the NCAA Tournament, we are owed that win or go home feeling. Give us that. There's a reason everyone says 'there's nothing like a game 7' give us that game 7 feeling more than once. Guarantee us that feeling. 

Plus with my setting you can take breaks between games and continue to test these guys so you don't have to play so many games in a row. Just makes too much sense than playing 70 games for whatever reason. It's not like they are home games where owners are getting revenue from that. 

And let's be honest. As a Knicks fan I know how this goes. They win 4 of 5 and end up costing themselves in the lottery. That's how they end up missing out by exactly one pick every single time.