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Good Job, Good Effort To This Lady Who Completed One Of The Most Abysmal Police Chase Attempts Recorded In Human History

Do. Or Do Not. There is no try. 

Unfortunately for this lady, she did not. But she still went for it anyway. And that's really half the battle. So many people out there have these hopes and dreams they never get around to because they're simply just too scared to try. They're afraid of trying and failing. Don't get me wrong--this chick failed and she failed miserably. I mean what the fuck did she think was going to happen? I'd love to know when the last time she actually ran was. I love blind confidence just as much as they next guy but it looks like she hasn't moved at a pace any faster than a leisurely stroll since MTV actually used to air music videos. And that's just based on her form alone. The choppy strides, the arms flailing away at her sides. That's the thing that people don't realize. You need to train to be a criminal. You need to go through strength & conditioning just like any other athlete. Because if you skip out on your training, it's going to come back to bite you in the ass come game time like it did for this chick. 

But she still went for it, regardless of how ill-advised that decision was. So at the very least, she deserves a good job, good effort. At the very much, she deserves to spend some time in jail and should never be allowed behind the wheel of a vehicle again. Not because she's a criminal but because she clearly sucks ass at driving. 

Sidenote: Love how the cop didn't play down to his opponent here. That's the sign of a true champion.