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'I'm A Man. I Was A Bad Son Of A Bitch Too' - Watch Karl Malone's Interview Where He Refuses To Talk About Jordan Stripping Him In The 98 Finals

So this video of noted terrible guy but great basketball player Karl Malone is starting to go viral over the last day. It's an interview from 2019 and since Malone refused to be interviewed for The Last Dance, it's going around again. Even if he's a shit guy, I wish Malone spoke because the Jazz played a major role in the story. They were in two Finals and you had two Hall of Famers get denied a title by MJ and the Bulls. 

Not only that, you have obviously the iconic shot by MJ, but you have the steal. 

Malone HAS to talk about that. It's the defining play of his career as much as he hates it. He lost feel of where Jordan was. You can say that Jordan made a great play and he did, but Malone just didn't feel the double coming. You gotta be better than that in this scenario. Either gotta be a quick pass out and repost or a quicker move so that poke doesn't come. 

Again, I can't stress how much Malone sucks off the court, but it feels like he gets the respect on the court. Everyone talks about him as one of the best forwards of all time. He just sums up everyone from the 90s like him though. Yeah there were fucking awesome players - Ewing, Malone, Stockton, Drexler, GP, Kemp, etc that were all denied a title because of the Bulls. Kind of hilarious to hear him say there was more than MJ though as he puffs on a cigar. Very ironic.