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I'm Officially Out On Strawberries

As a crazy nutrition weirdo whose only cheatmeal comes in the form of Halo Top (which many people swear tastes like cardboard), berries are my savior. Pretty much they are the sweetest, low sugar food I can find that is 100% guilt-free. 

Yes, of course, I go through little dalliances in the summertime with blackberries-- when they're at their darkest, plumpest and sweetest, or in the late spring with blueberries when they promiscuously strut around on sale at the supermarket...but the staple bae berry for me has ALWAYS been strawberries. I can count on strawberries. They are consistent. They never let me down. No matter the time of year, which grocery store I have to go to, strawberries are always there for me. In quarantine, they've been my jam.

Not. Any. More. 

And if you've wifed up strawberry through thick and thin and in sickness and in health, you might want to hit the "x" at the top of this tab.

Abort. Abort. This news will make you so sickened, you may never look at strawberries the same again. 

We can thank Tik Tok for this revelation. 

There is a trend going on right now on Tik Tok that shows little bugs crawling out of strawberries IN DROVES. 

According to the Mirror, 

Videos being posted online show users filling bowls with water and adding a good amount of salt and waiting for it to dissolve.

They then drop in some strawberries straight from the container and leave them to sit in the water for anywhere between 5 minutes and half an hour.

After sitting in the salt water, the video zooms in, showing what they believe to be tiny little bugs walking around on the surface on the fruit - and it's enough to make your skin crawl.

Are you serious? I'm out. LIKE ALL THE WAY OUT. 

I don't care how accessible strawberries are, how tasty they are, and how low sugar they might be. Who cares about my lifelong goal to get abs like a swimsuit model?

From now on, I'll stick with the higher sugar, thick-skinned fruits like mangos, bananas, and oranges. Bugs can't penetrate and burrow in through those barriers. I'd much rather spend another 30 minutes on the Peloton every day than know that I'm eating berrybugs every time I hammer a yogurt parfait.