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The Inventor Of This "Hospital Bed That Converts Into A Coffin" Should Be Arrested

An advertising company located in Bogota, Colombia recently pitched a dual hospital bed/coffin to help address shortages amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company noted how the bed would contribute to the need to increase hospital capacity in Colombia while highlighting how the bed is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

If the Jeopardy category were "Most Messed Up Inventions In History", this would be the 1,000 point answer. Along with the freak who thought up the guillotine to efficiently carry out the beheadings of human beings, this company actually thinks they're helping the world! Serving a need! Filling a demand! 

No, you're filling the world with fear. And more importantly, you're filling the person that needs to lay down on the bed with fear. I've (knock on wood) never experienced a life threatening health situation, but it is my understanding that your mental state goes a longggggg way into how things turn out. Like how heart attacks are sometimes caused by thinking you're having a heart attack. Well what do you think being chosen for the hospital bed / coffin combo is going to do for your mental well-being? Gives you real confidence. A hospital bed / coffin combo? This should literally be called the Death Bed.

But is it convenient? I mean, yeah I guess. People die and you just pull up the sides of the biodegradable cardboard and toss them in a mass grave. Easy fix. Time efficient and not wasteful. Kill two birds with one stone. And one human. But I think the world could do without it right about now.