Putting Michigan's Offensive Coordinator On A Clown Shirt Would Be An Insult To Clowns

This is my least favorite person in college football. And I know lions shouldn't concern themselves with the opinions of sheep, but I just wish there were a way to avoid seeing this guy's thoughts on Twitter.

Just a couple months after saying that Michigan "beat themselves" when Ohio State literally beat them by 30 points, he's now playing the hits once again by bragging about Michigan's BRUTAL schedule.

(checks their schedule this year.......checks their schedule last year)

It should be illegal to lie like this on Twitter. Have bad takes all you want, but to blatantly lie? To put your chest out like you're scheduling the biggest baddest teams that college football has to offer? He should be arrested for falsifying information.

This year their non-conference schedule goes @ Washington, Ball State, and then Arkansas State. Jeepers creepers! Talk about a murderer's row. Last year they played Middle Tennessee, Army, and Notre Dame. All at home. So it seems like they're following the standard one big name (average team) game and two cupcakes. Nothing to write home about.

I don't know why I'm so irked with this guy but I am. How can you constantly say things this dumb and be the Offensive Coordinator in Division 1? I know it's a middle of the road program, but still. I guess that describes their superb quarterback play as of late....

It's almost like this guy is bragging about having to play Big Ten teams. Because their non-conference is nothing special whatsoever. So yeah, they do schedule Ohio State and Wisconsin. They have to. And they lost to them 35-14 and 56-27. And then got beat by 20 in their bowl game. Every time they play a team worth a damn, they get smoked.

WAIT, is this dude using BOWL GAMES as non-conference games????????

I have seen it all. Okay, no joke. I'm being 100% serious. I am shocked that a university that prides itself on intelligence and standards employs a clown like this. I am literally laughing out loud that he's saying they had an out of conference game vs. Alabama. 

Damn, anyone saying Ohio State plays a weak schedule needs to wake up and smell the roses. Since 2015, we've played Alabama, Oregon, Notre Dame, Clemson (x2), Washington, and USC. We'll play anyone, anywhere (in bowl games). Find me a team that schedules tougher games, you can't!