Naomi Campbell Has Done A Lot Of Crazy Shit In Her Days, But This Is Not One Of Them

Naomi Campbell is the longest-lasting supermodel in the world. Sure, Cindy Crawford and Tyra Banks are still around, but they're pretty much out of the game, Naomi is still modeling regularly and has even upped the ante by both taking and being the subject of the picture. 

She's also the most feared supermodel in the world.

You do NOT fuck with Naomi Campbell. British Airways once lost her luggage and she absolutely LOST her shit to the point where cops were brought onto the plane. Do you think a few cops are going to scare her? Fuck no! She took her phone and threw it straight at one of them before she kicked and hit them. (Yeah, she's banned from British Airways.)

But even if a person isn't fucking with her, they'll likely get it too. If a cleaning lady is doing her job, well, she better be on her A-game and prepared to get the hell out of the way in case Campbell throws a phone directly at her, forcing her to get stitches. Or if someone has the unfortunate task of being her personal assistant - a phone is definitely coming straight at them if history has anything to say about it. (She must really not like her phone.)

In short, she's done some questionable, crazy shit. 

But wearing a full hazmat suit, goggles, mask, and face shield on a seat that appears to be covered in a blanket and located in what looks to be a private plane, well, that might be the sanest thing she's ever done. 

Naomi Campbell once famously said she doesn't get out of bed for less than $10,000. When you make that kind of money, you better damn well protect it.