There Will Be a 9 Foot Tall RG3 Statue Outside of Baylor's New Football Stadium

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NBC Washington – A statue of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III will be unveiled outside of Baylor University’s new McLane Stadium when it opens Aug. 31. Griffin starred for the Bears and won the Heisman Trophy prior to being selected by Washington with the No. 2 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. The official pose of the 9.5-foot statue will not be revealed until next month, but Texas native Tom White, who created Griffin’s likeness, traveled to Washington last April to take pictures of the quarterback. “It’s gonna be awesome,” White told Fox Sports. “It’s a great tribute to him and all his wonderful accomplishments.”

Obviously. Like, was there ever a doubt that RG3 would have statues built for him at the ripe age of 24? When you think of Baylor’s 100+ year history, what one name comes to mind? Robert Griffin the Third. The man who put Baylor on the map. Nobody even knew what a Baylor was before he went there. He could have played anywhere, and he chose Baylor. And for that, you get a statue. Never has a statued been more earned. Never has a statue been more necessary. It’s part of the legendary life he leads. Pro Bowls, hashtags, and statues, that’s what RG3 does.