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Power Moves Only By This Grocery Store That Changed Their Salad Bar To A Liquor Bar




We're in a weird time, people. You know it...I know it. It's just plain weird. And what helps out more in these weird times- Alcohol or salads? You TELL ME. But I think I know the answer & it's not the option that enables you to top it with balsamic vinaigrette or low fat cheese. It's the option that can get you drunk as you stare at a wall on Friday night before inevitably throwing on a random of episode of Guy's Grocery Games for the 8th consecutive weekend...or is that just me?

Either way the answer should be alcohol & this grocery store is simply beating the other ones to the punch. Kudos to the manager on being the first to pull the trigger on this historic move. My fingers are crossed that this a part of the new normal much like how Twitter is now allowing employees to work full-time at home whenever they please. Not to mention I'm not sure if it's just because I tend to not be the biggest fan of salads or not, but do people actually ever use the salad bar at grocery stores? I know a lot of folks at Barstool HQ used to hit Whole Foods for stuff like this yet something tells me some random rural supermarket is not the same as the Whole Foods on 7th ave in Manhattan so I'm thinking I'm correct.

Cheers to all the lucky folks who's local grocery store this is!