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A Recently Broken Up With Woman Sent 2,200 Pounds Of Onions To Her Ex-Boyfriend To Make Him Cry, Too

India Today - A heartbroken woman in China sent 1,000 kg onions to her ex-boyfriend as a revenge. She apparently wanted to make him cry as much as she did after their relationship ended.

They were in a relationship for over a year. According to her, she spent three days at home crying. But when she got to know that her ex-boyfriend was not upset at all, she decided to send him 1,000 kg of onions.

Several sacks of red onions were dumped outside her ex-boyfriend's door.

**Before I begin, 1,000 kg equals about 2200 pounds of onions for our non-metric system loving readers**

Okay, let me start by saying that I for one am shocked that her boyfriend broke up with her. She seems like such a nice, reasonable person. But I guess she wasn't the right fish in the sea for him. I wonder why.......?

Speaking to a local reporter, the man said that he had broken up because of her 'over the top behaviour'.

Oh you don't say?

This is the famous bowling scene from The Big Lebowski to a tee. Walter pulls out a gun in the middle of a bowling alley and yells "HAS THE WHOLE WORLD GONE CRAZY?" ....same old story here. This girl gets broken up with because of her "over the top behavior", and she sends over 2,000 pounds of onions to her now ex-boyfriend to make him cry. It's not you hunny, it's him.

But as crazy as it sounds though, I actually respect the motive behind it. She'd been cooped up in her room, crying non-stop, for three days, and she caught wind that her boyfriend wasn't too torn up at all. How could she make him feel like she has felt? How could she make his eyes swell up with the tears like she has cried? I mean, she just can't go out and post pictures with new boys....we're in a quarantine here, folks. So she did what I have come to find as probably the only viable option left: send the man so many onions that he has no choice but to cry.

Well, actually, I think she's missing a key part of this equation. From personal experience, I'm pretty sure it's the act of CUTTING onions that makes you cry. You could put me right in the middle of a forest of onion trees and I wouldn't shed a single tear. But as soon as you start chopping, let the waterworks begin to flow.

Soo....I think as long as he didn't cut the onions, this was a pretty useless move on her part. And I hope she knows a good onion guy....because at 75 cents a pound we're talking about a $1500+ useless move. In fact, if I'm that guy, I'm starting a little onion business. I'd march right on over to the nearest Outback Steakhouse, home of the Bloomin Onion, and offer up 2,200 pounds well below the market cost.