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Did J-Lo Accidentally Leak A Photo Of Her Hostage In Her Latest Gym Selfie?

What do you see when you look at this picture? Is it J-Lo's ridiculous abs? Her toned arms? Her unbelievably radiant face that is somehow 50 years old? Her gold hoop earrings - proof that she's still Jenny from the block? 

If the answer is any of the above, congratulations on your ability to properly analyze a gym selfie! You know exactly what purpose a picture like that serves and you embrace its beauty in all its glory. Of course, you're not looking for anything out of the ordinary because you're there to see a hot woman be hot for the 1.2 seconds you're on her picture. I probably wouldn't pick you as my "Where's Waldo" partner and I pray to God you're not out there solving murder cases, but your basicness is both comforting and necessary. 

If your answer was one of the following: 

Then you sir/madam are either extraordinarily observant, bored, psychotic or all of the above. 

You would have to be to look at a picture of Jennifer Lopez and not focus on her. 

But bravo, psychos! Credit where credit it due. While the average person was distracted by J-Lo's ravishing good looks, your twisted mind saw straight past the Boricuan goddess to a man who appears to be in a possible hostage situation! Is someone covering his mouth with their hands while he's screaming for help??? Is that why she's working out so much and building up strength - to kidnap people??? Has the quarantine caused J-Lo to cross over to the dark side? Damn it, has she been binge-watching Enough on repeat?!!!

A source close to Lopez and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez tells PEOPLE what fans saw was nothing more than a Zoom meeting in action on a laptop screen.

“Jen and Alex’s gym is attached to their office space. When they have a Zoom meeting, they project it on to a big screen... You can see Alex’s arm in the photo (he’s wearing a blue shirt)," the source continues. "The man in the photo was a business associate on Zoom (on the big screen) and his hand was covering his mouth. That is not a mask.”

Lolll better luck next time, detectives. Maybe try knowing a little bit more about the person you're accusing in the next round. It's common knowledge that J-Lo is an extreme perfectionist - if she were kidnapping people, she would NEVER make a dumb mistake like post a picture with them in the background. 

Unless... the "source" is really J-Lo trying to cover up her tracks! Maybe all this time in lockdown has caused her to slip up? She did warn us...